Health Benefits of Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol, or C.B.D, is a chemical compound found in cannabis. Due to its association with marijuana which is used for recreational purposes, assumptions tend to be made about this product, however C.B.D doesn’t contain THC which is the component in...

Is C.B.D the answer to the UK economy recovering?

For most, C.B.D has been an odd topic for the past 5 years. Is it legal, is it not? Can it help boost my immune system; can it sort that problem I have been having? Well, the response from medical...

C.B.D Tea Marijuana Tea Facts

C.B.D Tea Marijuana Tea Facts Here are some facts and great recipes for C.B.D tea that you can make with our tea flowers.
C.B.D Oil C.B.D Drops

TGA approves low-dose cannabidiol

TGA approves low-dose cannabidiol The TGA approves low-dose over the counter C.B.D products, read below.
C.B.D Hemp Flower Plant

How do C.B.D Products Work?

How do C.B.D Products work? The below link explores how C.B.D products work and is a great read for beginners.

COVID and C.B.D Link?

COVID and C.B.D Link? The link below studies a possible link between COVID and C.B.D which is a great read: